Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Adult Book

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Archetype by M. D. Waters

Intriguing! M. D. Waters tantalizingly weaves hints and pieces of a puzzle throughout the book, yet never enough.

Emma wakes to blinding light and words she does not remember any more. “I am your wife,” she repeats to the handsome, seductive man who visits her room every day. He provides her with memories, but her dreams tell her something different. Why does she dream of war and camps where girls are “trained” to be wives and beautiful beaches—and another man? None of these are a reality in the world she now lives in.

An inner voice tells her to not reveal her dreams, not even to her husband, Declan, who she begins to fall in love with. That is, until Noah shows up at her art show. Now there are two men in her life. One is her husband and one is her enemy, but she doesn’t remember which is which.

A sequel, Prototype, is due to be published in July, 2014, and it is a must read for me!

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